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Middleton Paper began as a way of supplying the Middleton fish and chip shops with good quality wrapping paper. As the business grew the white new off cuts were being sold through the wholesale business and to other wholesalers. From these early beginnings the paper company has branched out into various diverse markets along the way.


Packaging Division – continues to produce high quality food grade wrapping paper used in the fish and chip industry as well as for more general catering and packaging requirements.


Core Division – recycling of the cardboard core of the paper reel for re-use in other industries. Plus the new bespoke composite cores used in paper mills that can be recycled and re-used many times over, within the same industry.

Fine Paper Division – formed in the early 1980's this is the largest of the paper divisions. The UPM Shotton Paper Mill initially supplied paper to newspaper printers. The business soon developed from newsprint into other paper grades suitable for magazine and gift-wrap printers. This division is now located alongside the M6 at J9 in a new bespoke building where fine paper is produced for the merchant trade. Formed in 2008, Vision Paper and Board is the most recent addition to the division. It is a new paper merchant operating from offices in the Midlands and the South East which trades directly with printers.


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